Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Three Dimensional Printing  

Additive Manufacturing

Printers producing three dimensional functional products

  It seems like it was just yesterday that I ran across an article about the infantile industry of 3D printers beginning to emerge. But in reality this industry has been blossoming for the last 25 years, and growing into an industry that appears will become a revolution. By 2016 it should be somewhere around $3.1 billion a year industry.
You can find an industry report here

Yes, 3D printers do produce three dimensional objects. How? By using special polymers or powders that can be put down in a layer , here is a better explanation by the experts.... at Wikpedia. And another helpful article by Spiegelonline

Below is the beginning list of business involved in 3D Printing, or the Additive Manufacturing Business.

Three D Printer manufacturers 

Dimensional Three D Printers

Three D Printer Projects at  Kickstarter.com

(What is Kickstarter?)

More to follow soon .......

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